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Product description

Based on good experiences with Golden Ointment, we were prompted by our customers to try and develop a new ointment which would be helpful and appreciated by those suffering from psoriasis. Similar to Golden Ointment, Psoricol’s main component is Yucca schidigera extract.

This plant grows in the most hostile conditions almost without rain (+50°C during the day and -5°C at night). As a result of these weather conditions, the Yucca schidigera synthesises and amasses substances which enable it to survive. These mainly include saponins, flavonoids, and resveratrol. Saponins in particular are very helpful in the absorption of other substances. Simultaneously, they significantly facilitate the removal of unnecessary, harmful or dangerous substances from the body. Psoricol cosmetic ointment is particularly unique because it contains specially isolated terpene saponins from Yucca schidigera extract. They facilitate the penetration of natural herbal substances with antibiotic effects into the deepest layers of the skin. In those parts, they remove sediment and impurities, adjust blood circulation, hydrate, soothe the skin, and have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Moreover, Psoricol contains urea, thymol, and taurine. This specific combination of ingredients is predetermined to bring the desirable results.

People suffering from psoriasis know that the affected parts must be kept oily and that it is a long-term process. What has to be taken into consideration is the extent and seriousness of the issue. It is possible that a feeling of relief will only come after a longer time. Regular application of Psoricol can lead to significant improvement in the overall condition of the skin. Try to keep the affected parts continually covered with a film of Psoricol, and avoid drying the skin out. Remember that Psoricol is not a substitute for medications prescribed by a doctor.

One of the most complicated dermal disorders which troubles a lot of people is psoriasis. We are aware of the fact that, apart from irritating physical symptoms, psoriasis also influences the mental state of people and their relationships. It is clear that the fight against psoriasis is hard and lengthy, and, in order to help you with the fight, we are introducing our new ointment – Psoricol.


How to apply

Recommended application: spread a proportionate amount of the ointment on the affected place.

Ingredients & content

Ingredients: Aqua, Petrolatum, Olea Europea Oil, Glycerine, Yucca Schidigera Extract, Thymol, Urea, Taurine, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Fragrance, Hexyl Cinnamal
Content: 50 ml

Psoricol is produced, packaged, and laboratory tested directly at the premises of the producer in Slovakia. The cosmetic ointment has been tested according to EU regulations and has been registered in Brussels. It has all necessary attestations.

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