Dietary supplements

Strengthen your body and immunity with our dietary supplements.

The dietary supplements we produce are unique in their composition and manufacturing process. Most of them consist of components and ingredients that we get from exotic countries, inhospitable deserts or virgin nature. In their production, we use elements of state-of-the-art technologies as well as recipes used by our ancient ancestors.

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£59.90 £64.90
£59.90 £64.90
£59.90 £64.90
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Strong immunity and a healthy body are the pillars of good health. Take a look at our range of unique dietary supplements.


The Uňa de Gato and B17 products embody the long-held abilities and methods of ancient Egyptians and Incas. They can boost immunity, increase appetite in convalescence and protect against common diseases.

Bromeslim and Maca will interest you even if you do not expressly need to boost your immunity. Bromeslim stands out for the treatment of gastric acids. Thanks to Bromeslim, you will reduce fat deposition in the body. Maca is a product that will be of interest to you if you are often stressed and need to awaken basic human senses and appetites.

Diamond Yacca represents our long-standing research into plants and their ability to survive under harsh conditions. Finding that certain species can survive years in the desert without water and nutrients and at the same time, grow and develop has woke our desire to find out why. The result of this is our Diamond Yacca product. Read more about this product.


What properties are combined in our dietary supplements?

  • Unique ingredients
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Long-term customer satisfaction
  • Quick delivery
  • Favourable price
  • Economy packs
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