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Treat your skin properly with our unique products.

Human skin is exposed daily to unpleasant weather, friction, damage and even surface stress, for example by sudden cooling or heating. The body cosmetics we offer are intended in part for normal use, for example, for regeneration or softening. But we also offer the products specialised for people with skin problems.

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Treat your skin properly. Take a look at our range of unique body cosmetics. Try our products on your own skin.

Golden Ointment has created the right foundation for all the products we offer today. A unique blend of ingredients and saponins that simplify and accelerate the absorption of the ingredients deep into the skin resulting in a quick and long-lasting effect. Golden Ointment is a phenomenon among our customers and has already helped with dry skin, accelerating the healing of postoperative wounds and wrinkle and scar refinement. Golden Ointment can be useful for so much.


Psoricol is the result of the logical evolution of our Golden Ointment product. We have used our knowledge and successful results from our customers to provide them with Psoricol, a much-requested product from our customers suffering from psoriasis. Our customers say that the product greatly facilitates life with the disease and recommend it to everyone with a similar problem. When compared to Golden Ointment, the recipe is upgraded and tailored to their specific needs.


Although the name does not indicate this, our Bamboo Exfoliant is a peel. The basis of the recipe is created by our Golden Ointment, which is supplemented with fine exfoliating particles and nutritious oils. It's simple, after using the Bamboo Exfoliant, your skin will be refined and nourished, with dead skin removed. Indulge yourself.

What's unique about our body cosmetics?

  • Saponin content not offered by any other manufacturer in the world
  • Unique recipe
  • Specialisation for customer needs
  • Visible results
  • Favourable price
  • Long-time experience and development
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Our satisfied customers

Our satisfied customers (9)

„I have very, very sensitive skin, and as I grow older, the sensitivity has gotten worse. I bought a jar for help with allergic burns on my face. After the first day, I ordered another jar. It's that good! I love this ointment! It has a nice fragrance, not overpowering, but pleasant, and feels great going on! In about three days, the burns were healed.“
17/06/2017 View on Amazon
17/06/2017 View on Amazon
„This stuff is amazing!“
10/09/2016 View on Amazon
10/09/2016 View on Amazon
„A friend told me about this ointment and I love it. This one product that has unlimited uses, and calms the skin.“
01/06/2016 View on Amazon
01/06/2016 View on Amazon
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