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Treat your skin properly with our unique products.

Human skin is exposed daily to unpleasant weather, friction, damage and even surface stress, for example by sudden cooling or heating. The body cosmetics we offer are intended in part for normal use, for example, for regeneration or softening. But we also offer the products specialised for people with skin problems.

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Treat your skin properly. Take a look at our range of unique body cosmetics. Try our products on your own skin. Treat your skin properly. Take a look at our range of unique body cosmetics. Try our products on your own skin.

Golden Ointment has created the right foundation for all the products we offer today. A unique blend of ingredients and saponins that simplify and accelerate the absorption of the ingredients deep into the skin result in a quick and long-lasting effect. Golden Ointment  is a phenomenon among our customers and has already helped with dry skin, accelerating the healing of postoperative wounds and wrinkle and scar refinement. Golden Ointment can be useful for so much.


Psoricol is the result of the logical evolution of our Golden Ointment product. We have used our knowledge and successful results from our customers to provide them with Psoricol a much requested product from our customers suffering from a psoriasis. Our customers say that the product greatly facilitates life with the disease and recommend it to everyone with a similar problem. When compared to Golden Ointment, the recipe is upgraded and tailored to their specific needs.


Although the name does not indicate this, our Bamboo exfoliant is a peel. The basis of the recipe is created by our Golden Ointment, which is supplemented with fine exfoliating particles and nutritious oils. It's simple, after using the Bamboo exfoliant your skin will be refined and nourished, with dead skin removed. Indulge yourself.

What's unique about our body cosmetics?

  • Saponin content not offered by any other manufacturer in the world
  • Unique recipe
  • Specialisation for customer needs
  • Visible results
  • Favourable price
  • Long-time experience and development
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Nan - Denver

„I have very, very sensitive skin, and as I grow older, the sensitivity has gotten worse. I bought a jar for help with allergic burns on my face. After the first day, I ordered another jar. It's that good! I love this ointment! It has a nice fragrance, not overpowering, but pleasant, and feels great going on! In about three days, the burns were healed.“

Nan | 17.06.2017
ToniA - Nurse | Wisconsin

„This stuff is amazing!“

ToniA | 10.09.2016
Nancy - Charlotte, NC United States

„A friend told me about this ointment and I love it. This one product that has unlimited uses, and calms the skin.“

Nancy | 01.06.2016
We Like-to-shop - Boston, MA USA

„I ordered Golden Ointment because I am trying to get rid of as many chemical laden skin products as possible and replace them with as many natural or as close to natural as possible products. I know this ointment is petroleum based but I am alright with that because the products I have in the house now contain far worse ingredients than petroleum. The box that the ointment comes in isn't very special or impressive and neither is the small plastic jar with the green twist off lid. However, the ointment is amazing so don't be put off by the packaging. The ointment is petroleum based so it is fairly thick and it does have a faint odor. I didn't find the odor offensive and it dissipated quickly. I don't usually put heavy creams or ointments on my face because I have very sensitive skin in general. I decided to use the ointment on the acne spots I have on my jaw line and my neck. A little dab of ointment goes a long way. I rubbed it in and it was greasy for a very short time and then it was completely absorbed. Im in my late 30s and now when I get a pimple or acne flare up, those areas stay red after they clear up or they turn brown and look like freckles. I don't appreciate either of those options so I started using Golden Ointment on those areas during a breakout and about a week after the breakout. The duration of that breakout was cut almost in half when using this. I usually have some sort of lingering acne flare and I didn't have that when I used this ointment. I am also amazed at how the spots are hardly visible now AND not one area or pimple turned into a brown spot. I will definitely continue to use this one my breakouts and even the residual spots from prior and future breakouts. I also used this on my 2.5 year old daughter who had bug bites on the back of her neck right along her hair line. She was picking and scratching and going crazy so I applied a small amount of ointment on the red areas and the bites themselves. She had some relief immediately but was still itchy. I was able to distract her and then I reapplied to the bites again before bedtime. The next morning her hairline looked so much better; the redness was gone and the bites were weeping. It appeared that the Golden ointment drew out the chemicals (mosquito or chigger saliva? I don't know what causes the itch but the ointment drew it out) from the bug bites and they were ready to start healing. I cleaned them up and reapplied. I did that for about a week, even after the itch was gone so that the ointment to help the bites themselves heal. It worked wonderfully and my daughter was very eager and willing to let me apply it to her boo boos because it didn't hurt. One thing that was a pain is that the ointment IS petroleum based so it left her hair greasy in the back. However, that is a small price to pay for what this ointment can do. It does so many things. It helps with the treatment of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, pimples, boils, ulcers, rosacea, dermatitis, skin rash, diaper rash, wrinkles, fine lines, minor injuries, itchy skin, etc. Its also hypoallergenic and is safe for all ages and skin types. Anyone of any age can use this ointment. Golden Ointment can also be used on its own as an eye cream, anti aging cream or anti wrinkle cream OR it can be added to your other skin care products to aid in deeper penetration and efficacy. Its also allergen free, metal free and cruelty free. This ointment has so many uses, I can't even count them or list them all. Some uses are: acne cream, anti aging moisturizer, eye wrinkle cream, hand lotion, anti itch cream, dermatitis cream, diaper rash cream, eczema cream, dry skin lotion, lotions for women, men face lotion, psoriasis cream, an ointment for burns, rosacea cream, wrinkle cream, stretch mark cream, and on and on. I did use it on a fly bite on my dog and the healing time was reduced and he stopped trying scratch it so I believe it provided relief to my dog. I am definitely a fan of this ointment and I am glad that I was given the opportunity to try it. I received Golden Ointment for Skin Care at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. This ointment is a winner. I am a real person and the opinions and experiences described in my review are my own. I was not swayed by the discount I received. I truly believe this is a great product and I think everyone should have it on hand.“

We Like-to-shop | 26.05.2016
Felicia - USA

„So GLAD I found this. The psoriasis in my ears has cleared up after 2 days!!“

Felicia | 20.05.2016
Ms Malleycat - Lenoir City, TN

„My 2 year old suffers from eczema, especially where he sweats or drools as teeth are cutting through. Behind his knees, his chest and inner elbows are where we see the worst flare ups. As it is getting warmer, the poor little guy is itchy and miserable. I ordered this to give it a try in relieving some of his discomfort and heal it up. I was a little surprised at the consistency, as it has petroleum jelly. It is not nearly as thick as I was expecting. It is easy to apply, but for me leaves a little greasy feeling on my hands. That being said, I have some sensory issues and am a bit more sensitive than most people to this. I applied last night and this morning. It certainly seemed to help his itching immediately, and his chest looks much better this morning. I am not crazy that it contains perfumes, as anything with an added fragrance can make his skin condition worse sometimes. So far, however, I haven't seen it impact the treatment. I haven't tried it on my face or skin, I don't know if I can stand because of the greasy feeling. I will say it absorbed quickly though, so I didn't have to deal with it for very long. I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I have no obligation to leave a positive review and do my best to give feedback that will be valuable to anyone considering purchasing this product. I was neither paid nor sponsored for my opinions and all thoughts reflected in this review are solely my own. I personally rely heavily on product reviews to determine which products I buy. Because I know the importance of honest reviews, I give my opinion based solely on my personal experiences with them. If you find my review useful, let me know by clicking that yes button right down there. I only review items I use or would use, so I have at least some basic knowledge.“

Ms Malleycat | 28.04.2016
Jones - USA

„I've been using this for a few days, the scent is pleasant and I've been using it on my razor burn when I shave. Definitely notice a difference! A lot less redness after shaving! Quite happy with the product!“

Jones | 25.04.2016
Deja - USA

„This was exactly what I needed, my skin has cleared up and stopped being so dry a few days after using it! I have tried lots of stuff but I don't like dyes and colors etc, my skin is very picky so this works great! I will be buying this again, thanks!!!“

Deja | 16.04.2016

„I've been using this for a few days now, and I like it. I like it a lot. The very first thing I did when I opened the jar was to put a little bit on my lips. I know that sounds weird but I live in a dry climate and It was just an instinct. It felt like my lips instantly plumped up and were super moisturized. I also tried it on some dried patches I had on my lower back and they cleared up right away. The smell is nice and I like the consistency. It's very thick, almost solid like a lip balm and I like that because you can control how much you use and it lasts longer. All in all, I'm pleased and I can recommend it.“

Brandy R. | 14.04.2016