What are cookies?

Cookies are small data which are stored on a special browser folder on the user’s computer. They are necessary for some website functions, e.g. login, and are often used to follow the user’s behaviour on the Internet. In most Internet browsers, it is possible to disable them.


Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to identify your computer and to follow the way you browse our website. This enables us to improve our services and to tailor the website to your needs. Cookies are also used for ad campaigns and their restriction. For example, using cookies, we can ensure that you won’t have to face excessive amounts of one specific digital campaign. We don’t use cookies which would make the data stored in your computer accessible or which would damage or be a threat to your computer. By using this website, you agree to let us use cookies.


Cookie Purpose
CookiesOK Agreement to use cookies
externalFontsLoaded   Loading of external fonts
informationBanner Information banner
pcart Hash connecting the user with their currently saved basket after an item is added
PHPSESSID Visitor’s session
SRV_ID   Internal information to ensure high availability
Google Analytics Helps us to measure and evaluate the success of our web
Smartlook and Smartsupp Helps us to measure and evaluate the success of our website and the communication with our clients
Google Adwords Used for ad targeting


How to disable cookies

You can adjust the use of cookies in your Internet browser. Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can access the information about browsers and the default cookie settings via the following links:



Internet Explorer

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